BRIAN ARMSTRONG is an FAA Powerplant and Fuel Systems Designated Engineering Representative (DER).  Brian has been the powerplant and fuel systems lead engineer and DER on several new aircraft programs, and has more recently acted as mechanical systems lead engineer for a new business jet. Brian has developed a number of supplementary type certificates and is an experienced pilot with single and multi-engine ratings.
ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG is an aircraft certification specialist.  Elizabeth has overseen the entire certification program for projects of complexity ranging from small supplementary type certificates to entire business jet development programs.  With experience in all aspects of aircraft certification, Elizabeth’s expertise is invaluable in managing the scope of certification projects, and efficiently driving them to completion.
Based in Utah, AeroCert formed in 2009 to bring together the skills and experience of a group of engineers to provide complete aircraft product development, parts manufacturing, and modification services to aircraft manufacturers, operators, and owners.